The QBC Contemporary was conceived by GCAM in 2013 for its client Erste Group Immorent AG, as a new cultural facility in Vienna.  The museum was designed to be part of the larger redevelopment of the area around the new Vienna Central Station, which was named Quartier Belvedere due to its proximity with the Belvedere Castle.  The building was designed to be 30,300 square meters, including 15,800 square meters of exhibition space, to showcase mostly international Modern and contemporary art, fashion, and design.  It was designed also to host the annual Vienna Art Fair in addition to other major art and cultural events in Vienna. 

QBC当代博物馆——奥地利 维也纳

2013GCAM为客户Immorent AG第一集团构思了QBC当代博物馆,作为维也纳的一个新建文化场所。维也纳新中央车站周边的区域重新进行更大范围的开发,GCAM将该博物馆设计为开发区域的一部分,其名称也因靠近贝尔维迪宫被命名为卡迪尔·贝尔维迪。博物馆设计面积达30,300平方米,包括15,800平方米的展厅,通常展示国际现当代艺术、时尚、和设计作品。该博物馆的设计还能举办年度维也纳艺术博览会,承接维也纳其他的重大艺术文化活动。