Hunan Broadcasting System Base Production Museum - Changsha, China

GCAM was engaged by the Hunan Broadcasting System in late 2014 to conduct a Concept Development Study for a contemporary new media art museum at the entrance to a new 140,000 square meter post-production facility that it is developing at its corporate headquarters in Changsha.  At GCAM’s recommendation, the client engaged Richard Gluckman to develop a concept design for the museum.

A museum of 11,780 square meters was designed with a focus on a diverse series of spaces that are arrayed in a logical sequence that can accommodate large, medium, and small exhibitions.  The design integrates into the larger context of the overall post-production facility, while expressing a distinct autonomy.

A collection program was developed that would consist of New Media and Internet-based works, video games including software and hardware components, animation in all media (including cels, drawings, video, dvd, and film), installations, a research center open to professionals and qualified students by appointment, and a Mediatheque with videos/dvds and printed materials open to the general public.  The art and exhibition program also includes a special exhibition program, with a particular focus on Architecture, Design, and Fashion.

Construction began in July 2015.

Images © Gluckman Tang Architects 2014