The Demsa Museum is being developed by one of the more significant private collectors of Turkish art whose collection is comprised of more than 1,800 works of paintings (ranging from the 19th to the 21st century), calligraphy, sculpture, and other media.  This collection can be divided into three main categories:  rare examples of Islamic art such as the Koran, ornaments, and calligraphy; Turkish paintings of all styles from the 19th century when painting in the Western sense emerges to 1950; and works of various media from the 1950s to today.

In 2010 GCAM conducted an audit of the collection and the initial phase of a concept development for a museum designed by Zaha Hadid, of approximately 5,500 square meters.  GCAM and the architect collaborated closely in developing a comprehensive space plan and a design that uniquely addressed the site and the collection.  Additionally, GCAM developed parameters for developing a retail strategy as well as a web site, online magazine, digital library, and archives for a museum.