In January 2011 GCAM entered a Master Plan and Museum Concept Development Agreement with Borusan Holding, a leading industry and service group in Turkey with primary business interests that include steel, distributorships, logistics, energy, and telecommunications.  Borusan Holding also owned a contemporary art collection of approximately 200 works comprised of site-specific installations, prints, photography, paintings and sculpture, and new media, much of which was located in its corporate offices in the historic Perili Köşk building overlooking the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul.

GCAM conducted a Concept Development Study to develop Perili Köşk into a contemporary art museum accessible by the public only on weekends and a Preliminary Master Plan for the creation of a proposed, integrated cultural network initially to be composed of the Perili Köşk museum; a performance venue for classical music, jazz, world music, dance, educational activities, and contemporary art exhibitions; and an additional art museum.

After completion of the Study and Master Plan, the client decided to proceed with the creation of the “weekend museum,” as the Borusan Contemporary at Perili Köşk.  GCAM managed the development of this project, bringing on Hani Rashid as the architect, as well as the conception and implementation of the inaugural exhibition. 

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