GCAM provides a full range of museum planning, master planning, and development activities for clients seeking to develop cultural facilities and cultural districts.  The firm’s services are tailored to the specific needs of the client and the project, and may include any or all of the following:

  • Analysis of urban infrastructure and strategic growth objectives that recommend and analyze potential cultural interventions
  • Identification and recruitment of architects for concept development
  • Working with architects in developing space programs and architectural concept designs
  • Specification of collection development strategies
  • Specification of exhibition programming strategies, and development of specific exhibition proposals and multi-year exhibition plans
  • Development of management and operating plans



  • 分析城市基础设施和战略增长目标,推荐并分析潜在文化介入活动
  •  甄选并聘用建筑师进行概念策划
  • 与建筑师一起研究制定空间计划和建筑概念设计
  •  细化收藏品开发的策略
  • 细化展览安排策略,研究特殊展览议案和多年展计划
  •  研究制定管理和运营计划