GCAM is an international cultural asset management and consulting firm which provides advice, expertise, and services to governments, institutions, corporations, foundations and individuals in intersecting service groups and business lines related to the expansion of art, culture, and museums in a global economy.

The activities of the firm are predicated on the notion that the beginning of the 21st century is a unique moment for the expansion of sophisticated contemporary cultural institutions, practices, and activities worldwide on multiple levels:

*Geographically, particularly in the rapidly developing worlds of Latin America, Central Asia, the Middle East, the Far East, and Eastern Europe; 

*Conceptually, as the traditional institutional distinctions between museums, commercial galleries, private collectors and auction houses continue to dissolve; and

*Financially, as the market value and investment potential  of art objects will demand enhanced mechanisms for

liquidity and transparency and seek to reach a far broader market. GCAM is committed to the idea that the spread of contemporary cultural dialogue and discourse will play an increasingly important role in the inevitable and essential social communication, cooperation, and integration that must take place throughout the world in the coming years if we are either to survive or thrive as a planet.

To achieve those broad objectives, the firm mobilizes the decades of experience represented by its principals and staff in the fields of cultural master planning, museum design, management and operations, collections building, commissions and acquisitions of international contemporary art, and the development and production of content related to the visual arts.

GCAM deploys its expertise and vision at the service of its clients to design and develop cultural master plans; create museums and exhibition spaces; generate exhibitions, educational programs and content; and develop collections of the most sophisticated contemporary art for aesthetic, educational, social and investment purposes.